About Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa and Playa Hermosa Village

If you are looking for untouched, Costa Rican beauty, Playa Hermosa–which is literally translated “beautiful beach” should be on your list of places to visit. The wide, untouched beach of Playa Hermosa is ideal for taking long walks, tucking away under a low-hanging palm tree while reading a great book, or swimming in a nearby crystal clear tide pool. As you may already know, Playa Hermosa is also established as a world-class surf destination. If you are an experienced surfer or a beginner looking to ride your first wave (be sure to take advantage of lessons provided by Blue Surf Adventures) you have stumbled upon a great area where you can ride some of the best waves of your life!

Playa Hermosa

Our little piece of paradise may be off the beaten path, which means you will love the peace and quiet away from the busier town of Santa Teresa which is located to our south–from the beach you can look east up into the hills of the jungle canopy where a few homes peek out from the trees. Or gaze north towards Manzanillo– a small, quiet community where there is little tourist development. The roads that lead you here are in some places quite narrow, mostly dirt and always an adventure. To get here you will traverse hills and sharp curves, sometimes at the same time, but when you reach your destination the memory of your trip will stay alive in your mind. Do not be surprised if you will be sharing the road with local cows, wild horses or the many dogs of the area.

There is an adequately supplied market for essentials a short walk away–where you can pick up some milk or fresh fruit where locals will greet you with a smile and friendly “Pura Vida”. A quaint, French cafe is a great place to grab a light lunch or smoothie. If you are looking for amazing sushi–some of the best in the world–we will point you out to the main road for a culinary treat. Looking for nightlife? We have you covered there, too. Live music 2 nights a week will have you dancing or tapping your bare feet to the beat as you reflect upon your day.